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Veeco CNT

Waltham, Mass, USA

Founded in 2003, as Cambridge Nanotech, Veeco CNT grew directly out one of the foremost atomic layer deposition (ALD) research groups in the world at Harvard University.

With hundreds of systems shipped for research and development, Veeco CNT has become the leading ALD supplier to academic and industrial institutions worldwide. Ultratech products have been used to produce over 1000 peer-reviewed academic papers. Veeco CNT production systems are used globally for a number of different applications bringing ALD to a commercially viable solution for many customers.

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) has the potential to optimize product design across a wide array of applications - from making silicon chips run faster, to increasing the efficiency of solar panels, to improving the safety of medical implants, right through to aesthetic applications in jewelry and coinage.

Thin films, strong adhesion characteristics, and reproducible results of ALD make it ideal for many research labs and large batch manufacturing environments.

The ability to produce thin films to exacting standards makes ALD a compelling solution for depositing high-quality films to challenging substrates, such as heterostructures, nanotubes, and organic semiconductors.

Many technologists and researchers are replacing older deposition techniques such as evaporation, sputtering, and chemical vapor deposition with ALD to take advantage of its unique ability to produce perfectly conformal coating in and around high aspect ratio objects with almost digital control of film thicknesses in the nanometer and 10s of nanometer ranges.


Products from Veeco CNT...

Savannah ALD System
Savannah ALD System

  Savannah Research ALD System Savannah has become the preferred system for university researchers worldwide...

Fiji ALD system
Fiji ALD system

Fiji Thermal and Plasma Enhanced ALD System Applications: 3D Nanofabrication III-V Semiconductors Batteries/Energy Chalcogenides Electronics Encapsulation SAMS Water...

Phoenix ALS system
Phoenix ALS system

Phoenix Production ALD System Applications 3D Nanofabrication III-V Semiconductors Batteries/Energy Chalcogenides Electronics Encapsulation SAMS Water...

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