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Picofluidics Ltd

Cardiff, UK

Picofluidics produce systems for the Electrochemical Deposition of metals (ECD). 

Electrochemical deposition (ECD) of metals is an important step in semiconductor wafer processing. It is widely used in silicon and compound semiconductor device manufacture and in packaging applications. Typical metals used for electrical connections are Cu, Au, Ni, Sn and SnAg.

Picofluidics offers automated ECD tooling which can process wafers, up to 300mm, for pilot production or R&D applications.

Key features include compact design and low volumes of chemicals to meet advanced process requirements.

By reducing the amounts of chemicals required to meet a process need we can reduce cost and make the process equipment smaller, while minimising chemical consumption and waste.

All of our systems have been designed to transport the smallest amount of fluid possible to a reaction zone where the process task is carried out. Whether our machines are making emulsion droplets with a tight dimensional control or depositing a thin uniform film of a metal onto a silicon wafer, we believe that process performance does not need to be compromised.


Seeking Equipment for R&D and Semiconductor Production

Call 0845 340 2626 or contact us online for more information Should you require information to assist you in your Equipment Purchasing or Field Service Support, please call the number above and our friendly staff will be pleased to help.
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