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New Principal - LatticeGear

Published June 1st, 2017

Omni announces a new partnership with LatticeGear, Oregon, USA to Market, Distribute & Support LatticeGear’s innovative range of Cleaving and Scribing Equipment in Northern Europe.

Omni now represent twelve leading equipment and service providers in the UK and Europe

Bristol, England, June 1st, 2017: Omni Technologies

As a  Service & Equipment manufacturer’s representative for the Semiconductor, R & D and related industries we are pleased to announce the addition of LatticeGear LLC, Beaverton, Oregon to our growing list of Equipment Principals.

Omni personnel have many years of equipment sales experience in semiconductor & nanotechnology research and production. Omni are continually in contact with many customers at Universities, Institutes & Fabrication Facilities in the UK, Scandinavia and Benelux regions.

Predicting a successful partnership, Rick Halle – Business Development Manager, Omni Technologies, notes that “the addition of LatticeGear is a “perfect fit” in the Omni business plan. LatticeGear products are complementary to those of our current Principals. The need for Sample preparation for e.g. Failure analysis is a crucial requirement in both Research and Production environments.This new distribution channel through Omni will allow our European customers local access to the latest and most advanced solutions for cleaving and scribing whilst giving US based LatticeGear professional representation at some of Europe’s most significant customer sites and trade shows.”

Efrat Moyal, Co-Founder of LatticeGear commented "“Omni Technologies’ experience in semiconductor and nanotechnology research and development across industry and academia makes them the ideal partner to support our customers in Europe. LatticeGear products are a strong and natural complement to their portfolio, and we are excited to work with Omni to introduce our high accuracy scribing and cleaving solutions for microscopy and sample preparation to a larger audience.”

About Omni Technologies

Omni Technologies started business in 2011, initially to promote Engineering Support for its parent company, IES. As Omni grew, new Principals from around the world, offering Equipment to the Semiconductor industry, Institutes and Universities were gradually added to the portfolio. Today Omni Technologies represent Meyer Burger (Ion Beam Technology & Inkjet printers for electronics); Alpha Plasma (Resist Ashers & Surface Cleaning Systems for back-end processes); JLS Designs (PVD, Etch,  PECVD and Evaporation systems);  PlasmaQuest (Remote Plasma Source Sputter tools); EM Resist – (Advanced e-beam and UV Photoresist); Plasma Parylene Systems (for Parylene Deposition) Gencoa (Magnetron & Process Gas Feedback Control technology) , Ultratech (Atomic Layer Deposition) and now the innovative cleaving and scribing products from LatticeGear. Omni continues to seek new principals for synergistic applications in addition to offering Engineering and Equipment Support from IES.

About LatticeGear LLC

LatticeGear was founded in 2012 by two women with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry and who believed passionately that sample cleaving and scribing should be easy, fast and efficient. From the high accuracy cleaving systems and scribing tools to more simple kits LatticeGear take the guesswork out of optimising solutions in each specific use case. LatticeGear offers an innovative approach to alleviate some of the challenges presented when using typical cleave and scribe products. The flagship products, the” LatticeAx” and “Flipscribe” bridge the gap between manual and automated cleaving methods but with an inherent reduction in particle production and/or surface damage.

Whether work involves small or irregularly shaped samples, needs repeatable high accuracy, requires greater speed and throughput or depends on a “one of a kind” sample that cannot be damaged, LatticeGear have a solution for most application needs.”

Rick Halle
Business Development Manager
Omni Technologies
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