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New Demonstration facility at Alderley Park

Published June 20th, 2017

Omni Technologies, Bristol announces a new partnership with EM Analytical Ltd, Imaging, E-Beam Lithography (EBL) & Resist Specialists, to provide a demonstration facility for Omni’s Nanotechnology Processing Equipment at Alderley Park, Cheshire, UK

Omni now represent twelve leading equipment and service providers in the UK and Europe

Bristol, England, June 20th, 2017: Omni Technologies,, a Service & Equipment manufacturer’s representative for the Semiconductor, Nanotechnology and related industries are pleased to announce an agreement with EM Analytical Ltd to use their facility in Alderley Park for demonstration of Omni products.

Omni Technologies have many years of experience in sales of equipment to semiconductor research and production markets and have close contact with many such customers throughout the UK and Europe.

Rick Halle – Business Development Manager, advises that  "the collaboration with EM Analytical offers an exciting opportunity to demonstrate Omni products in a state of the art laboratory located in the extremely prestigious and easily accessible Alderley Park, the largest science park in the North of England.

The positioning of Omni equipment alongside top of the range imaging & EBL equipment available from EM Analytical gives customers a unique opportunity to view or use equipment relevant to their processing requirements during a single visit. In addition to demonstration, the equipment may also be available for projects and feasibility studies. The first products Omni will make available for demonstration at Alderley Park will be the LatticeGear range of Cleaving and Scribing equipment, followed by the Alpha Plasma microwave etch tool for resist stripping, surface modification & cleaning. Other tools will follow shortly thereafter."

Daniel Royston, Director of EM Analytical, has expressed his excitement in this new venture stating “the involvement of Omni-Technologies will offer a broader range of complementary techniques and equipment to our Electron Microscopy customers.

This service facility will operate a ‘pay as you go’ open-access imaging laboratory where customers can perform their own SEM, TEM, EDX , Electron beam Lithography work and sample preparation including: - resin embedding, sectioning, conductive coatings and sample polishing. In addition, EM Analytical can provide a project management service for extended projects or contract research.”

About Omni Technologies
Omni Technologies started business in 2011, initially to promote Engineering Support for its parent company, IES. As Omni grew, new Principals from around the world, offering Equipment to the Semiconductor industry, Institutes and Universities were gradually added to the portfolio. Today Omni Technologies represent Meyer Burger (Ion Beam Technology & Inkjet printers for electronics); Alpha Plasma (Resist Ashers & Surface Cleaning Systems for packaging applications); JLS Designs (PVD, Etch,  PECVD and Evaporation systems);  PlasmaQuest (Remote Plasma Source Sputter tools); EM Resist – (Advanced e-beam and UV Photoresist); Plasma Parylene Systems (for Parylene Deposition) Gencoa (Magnetrons, Process Gas  monitoring & control); LatticeGear (Cleaving & Scribing), Picofluidics (material-efficient copper deposition tools) and now the innovative Atomic Layer Deposition products from Veeco CNT. Omni continues to seek new principals for synergistic applications in addition to offering Engineering and Equipment Support from IES.

About EM Analytical
EM Analytical Ltd are a team of research scientists and service personnel specialising in the fields of Electron Microscopy and Electronics. The company provides services to academic research and commercial sectors in the UK and abroad. These services include: Imaging and Characterisation [including sample preparation, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), EDX, Analysis and Reporting] and Semiconductor Processing [including Electron Beam Lithography (EBL), post processing tools such as metal coating and deposition, wafer and sample preparation such as spin coating, wafer dicing and plasma cleaning]. EM Analytical are planning to expand their services to include more analytical techniques beneficial to biotech Companies.

Rick Halle
Business Development Manager
Omni Technologies
Tel +44 (0)845 340 2626

Daniel Royston
Managing Director
EM Analytical
Tel +44 (0) 1625 238685



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