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scia Magna 200

scia Magna 200 - High uniformity at high deposition rates
by Magnetron Sputtering

The scia Magna 200 uses a unique Double Ring Magnetron architecture to achieve very high homogeneity of coatings at impressively high deposition rates. Typical applications include piezoelectric layers, optical coatings and passivation layers.

The system is available with either a single wafer load-lock or an automatic handling robot in a cluster configuration. Its advanced substrate holder features simultaneous rotation, helium cooling and RF bias.

The special DRM 400 sputter source from Fraunhofer FEP has individually controllable plasma discharges from the concentric inner and outer target rings, enabling layer thickness variation of less than ± 0.5 % (over 200 mm). At the same time, very high deposition rates in reactive sputter mode can be achieved. Due to its integrated control mechanisms, long term stability of processing is ensured.

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