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PQL S500 HiTUS Thin Film Coating System


The S500 is designed as a versatile system providing the capability required to meet the widest possible range of customer R&D interests and can be customised to suit any specific requirements.

Typically, PQL’s proprietary HiTUS technology delivers highest quality and performance thin films with the exceptionally good physical properties more usually associated with ion beam deposition techniques, yet also simultaneously delivers the advantages of far higher coating rate, area capability and proven production reliability and robustness that would be expected of any advanced sputter coating technology.

In many cases, the extensive process freedoms provided by the HiTUS technology have led to the development of solutions to customer requirements where other coating technologies have failed.


  • Thin film sputter deposition system
  • Flexible electronics
  • Transparent conducting oxides
  • High rate dielectrics
  • High mobility transparent TFT’s
  • Photonics and precision optics
  • Electroluminescence devices
  • Barrier layers
  • Protective & resistant coatings
  • Solar energy


  • Greatly expanded process capability to produce new or enhanced performance coatings
  • High coating rates with low thermal load
  • Inherently stable and reproducible reactive sputter coating
  • Compatibility with low temperature materials, including plastics and organics
  • Low stress, densified, high adhesion coatings
  • Fully automated control
  • Selectively sputter from any one of up to eight materials when combined with PQL's Multiple Target Holder
  • Custom design substrate holders for:- cooling, heating and/or bias

Also Available:

ILH550 Thin Film In Line System - Commercial system design for substrates up to 16" square.
Sidearm Plasma Launch Systems (PLS) - For integration or retro-fit with client's vacuum deposition system.

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