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Linear and Circular Ion Sources


Gencoa’s linear Ion Sources are a robust and flexible means of pre-cleaning polymer and glass substrates prior to thin film deposition. The plasma jets generated impact the substrate to burn off hydrocarbons and activate the surface to promote adhesion of the deposited films.

A unique feature is the internal and external graphite anode which results in a very long lifetime due to the very low sputter yield of Carbon. Under normal operating conditions the anode should last for a minimum of 6 months before replacement.

The IMC75 circular ion source is easy to fit, with a 1” shaft and OD of 5” and is an ideal pair for Gencoa’s new 3” and 4” FFE Magnetrons.

The iM3000 is a complete solution. All the functions needed to operate the source are built-in and the user need only connect the high voltage cable and the MFC. The built in software can drive the external MFC to maintain the source voltage at a pre-set value.

Equipment Types:

  • Linear Ion Sources
  • IMC75 Circular Ion Source
  • iM 3000 Power Supply


  • Pre-Cleaning Polymer & Glass Substrates prior to thin film deposition.
  • Ion Assist
  • Etch/Texturing


  • Graphite anode and cathode protection reduces source erosion
  • Internal, External or Cantilever mounted sources
  • Wide range of operating pressures, No Filaments, Maintenance Free.
  • IMC75 eliminates any contamination – ideal for Semiconductor applications.
  • The iM3000 Controller provides a complete solution.


Seeking Equipment for R&D and Semiconductor Production

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