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scia Mill 200


The scia Mill 200 is designed for highly uniform Ion Beam Etching and Milling of wafers up to 200 mm diameter. Carriers or wafers are loaded via an automatic handling system.

A typical application is structuring of complex multilayers of materials with very low contamination. For that reason a SIMS end point detection system can be integrated for recognition of etched species and a defined etch stop.

The scia Mill 200 can be used for Ion Beam Etching (IBE) with inert gases, Reactive Ion Beam Etching (RIBE) as well as Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching (CAIBE). The system can be upgraded for Dual Ion Beam Deposition (DIBD), with an additional ion beam sputter source RF120‑e and a target holder.

Cluster tools for high volume production with three process chambers and two cassette load-locks are available.

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