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Omni Technologies provides a wide range of equipment for Universities, Institutes, Corporate R&D and semiconductor production.

We also provide Field Service Support for the majority of equipment found in cleanrooms and microelectronics fabrication facilities. As the European representatives for the manufacturers and service providers, we supply sales and engineering support for companies around the world requiring additional Sales & Service Support in the European region.

NANO-MASTER Megasonic Single Wafer and Mask Cleaners provide reproducible, uniform and state-of-art megasonic cleaning. We incorporate patented damage free megasonic cleaning, chemical cleaning, brush cleaning and drying in one process step.

To achieve maximum cleaning optimization without substrate damage, the megasonic energy density must be kept slightly below the damage threshold at any point on the sample. NANO-MASTER’s patented technology assures uniform distribution of the acoustic energy across the entire surface of the substrate allowing ideal cleaning by maximizing the distributed energy while staying below the sample’s damage threshold.

Depending on the application, certain options will further enhance the tool’s ability to remove unwanted particles and residues.

SWC 4000
SWC 4000

NANO-MASTER’s Single Wafer Cleaners (SWC) focus on providing the best possible cleaning capability while maintaining...

LSC 4000
LSC 4000

NANO-MASTER's Large Substrate Cleaner (LSC) is a stand-alone cleaner which utilizes PC control for substrates up to...

LSC-5000 Reticle Cleaning System
LSC-5000 Reticle Cleaning System

Pelliclized and Unpelliclized Reticle Cleaning System The LSC-5000 is NANO-MASTER's latest reticle cleaner with state-of-art...

Seeking Equipment for R&D and Semiconductor Production

Call 0845 340 2626 or contact us online for more information Should you require information to assist you in your Equipment Purchasing or Field Service Support, please call the number above and our friendly staff will be pleased to help.
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