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Omni Technologies provides a wide range of equipment for Universities, Institutes, Corporate R&D and semiconductor production. We also provide Field Service Support for the majority of equipment found in cleanrooms and microelectronics fabrication facilities.

As the European representatives for the manufacturers and service providers, we supply sales and engineering support for companies around the world that do not have their own European Sales & Service infrastructure.

A wide range of expertise at your disposal

Our areas of technology expertise include the following:

For areas not mentioned, please also contact us to discuss as we may be able to help.

European Equipment Sales; Worldwide Engineering support

Omni-Technologies sell equipment in Europe, and provide customer installations, process and field service support around the world. This draws on the experience we’ve gained and the specialised engineering service expertise we’ve built up in the R&D and semiconductor industries since 1991.

A growing portfolio of principals and associates

Our continually growing portfolio of principals and associates includes the following organisations:

We’re always interested in representing new principals

We’re constantly seeking new principals to represent. If you would like to join us, please contact us to arrange a confidential exploratory discussion.

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For more information about Omni Technologies, to discuss our products or services, or to arrange specialised engineering support, please call 0845 340 2626 or contact us online.

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